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A Casual Environment for Learning

Now you can access Cheryl's Parent Coaching Service from the privacy of your own home! Use your favorite device -- your desktop PC, your tablet, even your smart phone -- to engage Cheryl personally, in a one-to-one interactive forum that is relaxed, private, confidential, and customized especially for you and the needs of your family.

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"I am definitely seeing some positive responses. Worth every cent! Thank you!" -- Mandy, Florida

How the Service Works

Cheryl Erwin Online Parent Coaching ServiceFirst Step: Sign-up for an Online Parent Coaching Session

Sign-up to Cheryl's Online Parent Coaching ServicePrices for Sessions are affordable and can be purchased as you go. General pricing includes access to a customized Private Forum designed for an in-depth, dynamic interchange with Cheryl Erwin. Included, too, is the Family Profile Wizard and exclusive access to personalized essays, expressions, evaluations, and consultations.

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What's Included

Begin Your Parent Coaching Session with the Family Profile Wizard

Follow the Family Portrait WizardOnce payment has been confirmed, you will immediately have access to Cheryl's Family Profile Wizard. Basic questions are asked about parents and children, as well as 'visionary questions' about your goals and intentions. Your responses to Cheryl's questions will help Cheryl customize the Session to fit your needs.

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Engage Cheryl in your own private, interactive Forum

Engage Cheryl in your own private forum.Create dynamic, interactive threads in your Private Forum with exclusive access to Cheryl's professional expertise. Take your time articulating exactly what you want to say without the pressure of public scrutiny. Keep track of your conversation easily with access to forum results for as long as you remain a member of

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Other Benefits

Read Essays, Expressions, ConsultationsTake advantage of included benefits such as access to exclusive essays, expressions, excerpts, and consultations from Cheryl Erwin. Download texts to your favorite digital reader, and add your comments and reactions.

Create your own Family Photo AlbumCreate your own Family Photo Album. With the ability to compose descriptions to each photograph, your Family Photo Album can be used as a discussion tool to bring depth and meaning to your Coaching Session.

Become a member of Cheryl's Blog. Membership includes membership to Cheryl's Blog with the ability to receive email notifications about Cheryl's recent entries, upcoming talks, seminars and conference keynote speaking engagements.

Cheryl's Online Parent Coaching Service is designed to make parent coaching a dynamic, stress-free experience that can help you understand the theories, beliefs, and reasons behind your child's behavior. and to find effective solutions.

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